Arnie is back for more Terminator action

Arnold Schwarzenegger is now reportedly part of a lucrative package deal put together to reboot (or continue) the iconic Terminator franchise. 

According to Deadline, a number of prominent studios – including Universal, Sony, Lionsgate and CBS Films – are already “looking hard” at the package which is slated to be produced by Rober Cort.

Although a screenwriter has yet to be hired for the reboot, MTV’s Aly Semigran speculates that “Fast Five” director Justin Lin could helm the next installment of the saga.

Admittedly, details are quite scarce, but at least there seems to be some movement on resurrecting Terminator.

Remember, the franchise was recently purchased by Pacificor (in 2010), which snapped up the property at a bankruptcy auction for a hefty $29.5 million. 

Of course, it remains unclear how big of a role Schwarzenegger will play in the film – but I’m guessing it sure as hell won’t be a cameo.

And the other big question on everybody’s mind: can Arnie pull it off? 

Well, if Harrison Ford and Sly Stallone are still making movies, why the hell not?

Schwarzenegger is still in pretty damn good shape and I doubt his acting skills suffered during his tenure as governator. If anything, they’ve probably improved.

But hey, I’m really looking forward to a new Terminator film, no matter what Arnie’s role turns out to be. 

What about you?