Armani introduces its own 3D glasses

The biggest complaint about watching 3D movies, dating all the way back to decades ago, is that wearing 3D glasses simply is not cool. Right? Well, Armani Exchange has something to say about that.

The high-fashion group claims it is the first and only one to bring 3D glasses to its Fall advertising campaign. Armani 3D glasses will be one of the company’s big distinctive offerings this year, and they’re already available at Armani Exchange stores.

Now, when you buy your movie tickets and the theater agent hands you that plastic-wrapped pair of recyclable glasses, you can give him that look of “I’m better than you,” and put on your Armani glasses as you walk into the theater.

“The perfect fusion of 80’s retro design and modern appeal with an updated classic navigator design, the Armani Exchange 3D glasses meet the highest standards required for 3D movie theater viewing,” wrote Armani in a statement. “The optically correct 6-base curved lenses with circular polarized technology will allow 98+ percent of visible light through which will provide edge-to-edge distortion-free viewing in a movie theatre environment.”

Hey, you’re paying a premium to watch a movie in 3D so why skimp on the glasses? Why not make it the best experience it can be?

The Armani Exchange 3D glasses have an “AX 3D” logo above the left lens, and “Armani Exchange 3D” written on the left temple. Although the fashion company says they have a “street chic look,” they still are intended for use in movie theaters only. Armani will not be held liable for people who wear them outside and then start losing their balance.

The glasses are available for $58, and can be purchased at any Armani Exchange retail store, or at