Are you prepared to give Wii a mental High Voltage makeover?

Chicago (IL) – If you think the Wii console is just for old people and little brothers, then you’re in for a change come June. At least that’s the case of a new High Voltage game called Conduit coming out at that time. The game makers promise an action-packed adventure that’s more typically found on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Matt Corso was able to demonstrate his company’s new video game in a private screening at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week. He said, “[Conduit] feels like Halo, but it’s not.”

The game begins with a Mr. Ford character doing secret service investigating of terrorist activity around Washington, DC. The game moves through a maze of conspiracy involving special ops, conduits and extra-terrestrials.

Corso believes his company’s Conduit game will change the way people view Wii as a high-action gaming platform. He said, “A lot of it is just getting over the stigma that Wii is for grandparents and our little brother; that is complete nonsense. We were super excited about making a game for Nintendo Wii.”

Corso said the only limitations preventing Wii from having as fluid of graphics as Xbox 360 and PS3 are the device’s lesser graphics abilities. Still, the game presentation itself is similar, just not as high-end graphics-wise.

See the original AFP article republished on Yahoo Tech.

See High Voltage’s sample of their proprietary developed Wii graphics engine.
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