Archeology professors dig for UFO evidence

An archeological team associated with the University of New Mexico recently spent a whopping $26,000 digging for evidence of UFO activity in Roswell.

Unsurprisingly, the funds were provided by the Sci-Fi Channel, which sent in a film crew to document the painstaking, yet terribly serious endeavor.

“We engaged in a highly credible standard archeological investigation of a piece of landscape that has been warranted to be the location of a flying-saucer event,” Dick Chapman, director of UNM’s Office of Contract Archeology, insisted to KRQE’s Larry Barker.

“The summed evidence from the hearsay-level knowledge really points to this [nine-acre sector] as being a recognized potential crash site (of) a UFO.”

As expected, Chapman’s UFO archeological expedition sparked a wave of criticism from a number of academics stuck in their Ivory Towers, including Dave Thomas of New Mexicans for Science & Reason.

“I love science fiction, but that’s not what the research division of a university should be putting out. [Obviously], they got sucked into what basically was a massive exercise in pseudoscience.

“I think the only thing that would convince the UFO community that nothing happened in Roswell would be for aliens to land on the lawn of the White House and come out and say, ‘Guys we had nothing to do with 1947. That wasn’t us.'”