Appular launches first HTML5 iPhone game demo

Appular has launched the first HTML5 iPhone game demo. 

The title – dubbed Hand of Greed – features intense, blade strewn action, along with touch screen controls, fluid animations and dynamic lighting effects.

“The major advantage of HTML5 as a platform for games is that it can run on a number of mobile Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch,” Appular founder Brian Akaka told TG Daily.

“Now, HTML5 offers the perfect tools for the job. It runs efficiently with optimal frame rates and effects that wouldn’t be possible on Flash – even on the most powerful Android device. So, that is why we have embraced HTML5 as the future of app discovery and promotion.”

Akaka added that Appular has already begun working with Admob to incorporate the web app within their ads and was eager to “do the same” with Medialets and Apple’s upcoming iAd network.

“Creating rich media ads like this will allow unparalleled opportunities for consumers to try out games without having to install a new app. [We] forsee huge potential for HTML5 to revolutionize the app discovery ecosystem outside of iTunes,” explained Akaka.

“Consumers are able to quickly try more apps and experience sophisticated interactivity just using Safari or within their other apps. [In addition], developers can utilize HTML5 to offer a dynamic way to increase visibility for their apps and showcase their content.”