App comparison: The Original Bubble Shooter vs. Smurfs Bubble Story

The near explosive growth of Android and iOS smartphone usage has facilitated a burgeoning industry for apps. In simple terms, an app is an application designed for your smartphone, tablet or phablet to allow you to access a program. The Google Play Store and the App Store are the primary destinations where Android and iOS users can pick their favourite apps. Some apps are free to download and install, others come at a premium. Many apps however are either subsidized by advertising content, or allow in-app purchases known as freemium apps (free with additional features available at a cost).

When evaluating one app against another, it’s important to look at things objectively. For starters, where do you begin in your search for high quality apps that are suited to your needs? Your first point of call is picking a topic that you’re interested in. Apps are available for virtually every imaginable purpose. If you were interested in the world, there are apps available for global time zones, temperatures, weather phenomena, seismic activity, flight patterns, etc. Travel apps, vacation apps, transportation apps, food and restaurant apps abound. As you can imagine, there are limitless applications in this regard. Our review will focus on entertainment apps, specifically two bubble shooter-style gaming apps.

What the Pros Say about Choosing Apps

According to stats posted by Common Sense Media®, there are more than a million apps at the Google Play Store. What’s even more impressive is that tens of thousands of apps are being added every single month, and we can expect these numbers to rise as more people adopt mobile technology. Choosing one app over another is quite an undertaking. For example, how does one game app compare against another game app? Here are some fixed rules about making effective comparisons between different types of games. To keep things light and exciting, we decided to run a test on Bubble Shooter vs Smurfs Bubble Story. Both of these games have a similar theme, and cater to similar audiences. Let’s explore them in greater detail.

Bubble Shooter – What’s It All about?

Bubble Shooter is an exciting pop and play bubble game where players can advance through 2,000 incredible puzzle levels. Players love the concept of shooting at multi-coloured bubbles, and watching them pop away to form winning combinations. This classic game is available 24/7 to players on mobile devices. It’s a free game, and it is available in an arcade game mode. As you make your way through multiple game levels, this game becomes increasingly challenging, serving as a terrific brain training-style game. While you’re solving puzzles, you’re also having fun, and there are some 1,500 puzzles to work your way through. Fashioned off a retro-style approach with an arcade game format, Bubble Shooter is fun for everyone. With over 244,000 reviews and a stellar 4.3/5 rating, it’s a sure-fire winner.

Smurfs Bubble Story

Smurfs Bubble Story was released by Sony Pictures Television and it features all those lovable creatures from the Smurfs Village. Gargamel, Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy, Papa Smurf, Clumsy, and the whole team are in attendance in this exciting game. As you can imagine, you will be popping lots of bubbles on your way to victory. But first, you must pass through a forbidden forest with treacherous rivers and mysterious features. Along the way, you’ll be matching bubbles, collecting magical items, and embarking upon scores of exciting missions. The leaderboard challenge allows you to compete against your friends by collecting as many Smurfs as you can. Sounds like fun? This app is certainly an exciting one to download and enjoy.

A Little Common Sense Goes a Long Way When Choosing Apps

Picking the right app is a matter of personal preference. For starters, you may not enjoy the Smurfs, in which case Smurfs Bubble Story is not for you. The quality, ease of play, appropriateness and absence/presence of adult content may influence your decision. It’s always a good idea to check out the user reviews to see how other people have reacted to the same apps. Side-by-side comparisons are a great way to narrow your choices and pick the best apps for your gaming sessions.