Apollo 18: Why we never returned to the Moon

There were originally three additional missions scheduled to fly to the Moon in the initial Apollo plan. Yet, all were supposedly cancelled due to budgetary constraints. 

But not everyone believes the missions were scrapped, with some conspiracy theorists insisting the (Cold War-era) DoD covered up one last enigmatic trek to the scarred lunar surface.

 Enter “Apollo 18,” an upcoming film directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego which depicts a (fictional) ultra-secret 1973 NASA lunar mission funded by the Pentagon.

“In the years following [Apollo 17] there was unconfirmed intelligence of an 18th mission,” the trailer text reads.

“[Yet], no evidence has ever been found. Until now.”

Apollo 18 – which is scheduled to open April 22 in the US – is slightly reminiscent of the groundbreaking “Blair Witch Project,” even though it takes place on the moon.

So get ready for unexplained infections, mysterious encounters, government cover ups and aliens, because yes, the Moon is indeed a Harsh Mistress (sorry, Robert Heinlen).