Angry Birds to appear in Rio home video

Consumers who buy ‘Rio’ on DVD or Blu-ray will get a little something extra with their purchase.

Each copy of the home video version of the hit animated film will come with a special code that users can redeem on the Android Market, iTunes App Store, or for a PC or Mac computer.

The code provides access to 15 exclusive new levels in everyone’s favorite bird-slinging, pig-smashing game, Angry Birds.

It’s the first time that an Android or iPhone game has been tied into the DVD/Blu-ray release of a major Hollywood picture.

Back when Angry Birds first started to take off, developer Rovio said it had ambitions to make connections in Hollywood. It seemed like a pipe dream at the time, but it actually became a reality with Rio.

Angry Birds has broken all kinds of barriers already, managing to get partnerships with retailers, device makers, toy manufacturers, and even 20th Century Fox.

The deal with Rio started around the theatrical release of the movie. A special version of the game called Angry Birds Rio was released in time with the release, and provided an actual storyline to the mobile game for the first time.

“They [Rovio] have a worldwide phenomenon in the Angry Birds game, and we have the colorful, beautiful movie all about birds. … We are going to continue the relationship,” said 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Mary Daily, as quoted by USA Today.