Angry Birds gets festive (again) for St. Patty’s

The iPhone game that just might never die is getting yet another holiday-themed update, this time to celebrate the fact that even though they’re Angry, these Birds can also have the luck of the Irish.

Following on the footsteps of the success of Angry Birds’ Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day packs, the developer has decided to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday with a green motif – St. Patrick’s Day.

Yes, just like the other holiday-themed expansions, this one was most likely chosen because of the very distinctive color palette that represents it.

The announcement was made at this year’s GDC, where more eyes than usual are on mobile games. There was a packed house for the presentation of Angry Birds creator Rovio, which has managed to go from total obscurity to Hollywood rockstar in the span of time between last year’s GDC and this year’s. Literally. Rovio got some love from the upcoming animated feature Rio – which is all about colorful birds – with its own Rio-themed Angry Birds game.

The St. Patrick’s Day version of Angry Birds will be available within the next two weeks, with plenty of time to have it installed and ready to go when you’re showing off your iPhone to all the mates at the local pub.