Angry Birds gets a Valentine’s Day update

Well, they’re still angry but at least they’re getting a little love with the newest version of Angry Birds themed around Valentine’s Day.

The new themed version of the casual gaming hit is now available for Android and iPhone players, and acts as an expansion to Angry Birds Seasons, which launched with a Halloween version last year.

Angry Birds Seasons costs 99 cents on the iPhone and iPod Touch, or $1.99 for an HD version on the iPad. It gives you access to the Valentine’s Day edition as well as the previous Halloween and Christmas games.

While pink motifs and cartoon hearts don’t exactly fit in with the “angry” theme of the game, it will be a welcome addition to the constantly expanding Angry Birds universe.

Angry Birds has gotten so huge that it’s actually in a deal with the new animated movie Rio to create a special “Angry Birds Rio” game, and the developer is already working on new versions of the title for Nintendo’s Wii and 3DS systems.

So, if you don’t have a valentine of your own to fling into a cage of pigs, Angry Birds Seasons’ Valentine’s Day expansion is perfect for you.