Android PSX emulator is now free in the wild

Talk about dedication! PSX4Droid dev Zodttd has made his Android PSX emulator available for free download after Google removed the application from the Market.

The app allows nostalgic gamers to play classic (original) Playstation titles on their Android-powered smartphones.

As TG Daily previously reported, Zodttd speculated the deletion was linked to Sony’s upcoming launch of its long-awaited Playstation Phone.

“Sony’s Xperia Play must be coming soon,” he tweeted. “The timing is suspicious with no remedy.”

Unable to sell his emulator in Google’s official Market, Zodttd announced yesterday he was seriously exploring third-party markets, but confirmed that psx4droid – now powered by PCSX-ReARMed – is currently free.

“3.0.0 is based on a different emulator, has a better dynarec (CPU emulation technique) and lands up being much faster in general. It’s using a software GPU for graphics rendering, though I have an OpenGL ES 1.1 GPU made,” Zodttd explained in an official blog post.

“OpenGL ES 1.1 is hit or miss for this type of rendering on Android devices. Many of these high end devices have slow Adreno 100 GPUs. So soft GPU is the way to go for now, especially with some improvements to come. PSX4Droid 3.0.0 should have great compatibility, better performance, though it may be a lil rough around the edges when it comes to the settings panel.”

PSX4Droid can be downloaded here.