Amazon offers unlimited cloud music storage

In a world where ‘unlimited’ is starting to fall out of favor, Amazon is offering a refreshing deal.

Anyone who signs up for the online retailer’s Cloud Drive storage service and purchases a premium high-capacity data plan will be able to store their music files with no limit.

In other words, if you sign up for 20 GB of online storage, for example, any MP3 files you put into your account will not cound toward that 20 GB limit.

“Customers are already enjoying Cloud Drive and Cloud Player and now for just $20 a year, customers can get unlimited space for music. Additionally, we are adding free storage for all MP3s purchased from Amazon MP3, and support for the iPad. Our customers love Cloud Drive and Cloud Player and we’re excited to innovate these services on their behalf,” said Amazon Music director Craig Pape in a statement.

This move signifies how Amazon is trying to make the ‘Amazon Cloud Player’ and the ‘Amazon Cloud Drive’ act as two separate services, even though they are both powered by the same infrastructure, and both are tied to the same user account.

Those who don’t want to pay an annual fee can still access the Cloud Player; Amazon offers 5 GB of MP3 storage for free. Users can then log into their account from any Internet-connected PC and listen to their tunes and playlists without needing to physically transfer the files.

Additionally, Amazon offers a dedicated Cloud Player app for Android phones and tablets, as well as the iPad.