launches video game trade-in store

Chicago (IL) – Have an old video game you want to trade in for a new or different title? You could always stop by your local GameStop retail store and barter away. Or, if you don’t like to leave your house (except, of course, to go to the local UPS store and drop off your exchange package) you could turn to’s new game trade-in service.

Yesterday, announced a new Video Games Trade-In store. The main page lands on a step-by-step process involving 1) Select games to trade in, 2) Ship games for free (by printing out local shipping labels) and 3) Receive by mail an gift card which contains credit toward the purchase of new or used games on states the games must be in good condition and the trade-in shipment must be valued at $10 or more (meaning you might need to trade-in several games if they are low-value titles).

Some examples of current trade-in value games:

PS3 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, Trade-in value $20, new $46.99

PS3 Grand Theft Auto IV, Trade-in value $11, new $37.99

Xbox 360 Call of Duty: World at War, Trade-in value $26.50, new $52.99

Wii LEGO Batman, Trade-in value $20.00, new $46.9

PS2 Guitar Hero World Tour, Trade-in value $12.50, new $42.49

Trade-in games are available for PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PSP and Game Boy Advance. has created a Trade-In FAQ to answer all questions, as well as an eligibility assistant, which includes the following:

To participate in the Program, you must (a) be at least 18 years old, (b) ship your products only from the United States and (c) have a physical address or P.O. box located in the United States. Products shipped from outside the United States will not be accepted or returned.

If your submission is not accepted, your items will be returned to you at no cost to you and an Gift Card will not be issued. Also, if you include any items in a package that are not included in your trade-in list, these items may be sent back to you. You can expect to get returned items back within approximately 14 days of the day the Merchant receives your shipment. You will receive an email notification and this information will be updated in Your Trade-in Account.

For full details, please read the Trade-In Program Terms.

Older “classic” console games can often be traded at GameStop or other similar local store. Also, there are often CD and video game sections in used book stores.