Al-Quaeda launches English-language website and magazine

It’s always helpful when making travel plans to know if anyone’s planning to blow you up en route, so we’re all very enthusiastic here at TG Daily about Al-Qaeda’s plans for an English language website and magazine.

Called Inspire, the site is currently being advertised on a number of hard-line Islamic websites, and is to be run by Al-Qaeda’s Yemen branch.

Its initial attempt at publication yesterday was marred by viruses, says The Atlantic. However, the first articles are believed to include ‘How to use Asrar Al-Mujahadeen – sending and receiving encrypted messages’ and ‘Make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom’.

Star of the show will be the US-born cleric Anwar Al Awlaki, whose twinkly eyes and perfect English have made him a poster boy for jihadists everywhere.

His other charming attributes include links to the September 11 bombings, as well as the failed Times Square car bombing earlier this year. After he was linked to the Fort Hood shooting, his popular website was closed down. He’s expected to be a regular contributor.

We have to hope there won’t be too much confusion with the English Christian website of the same name. However, given that its top news item today is outrage over an Oxford lap-dancing club, there may well be a little beneficial cultural cross-fertilisation.