Ah-Nold as we liked him

It’s now obvious to anyone who isn’t living in a cave that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage – just like his ties with the Obama administration – has been loudly terminated. 

It’s no big surprise, his adulterous ways hit the press practically every day in the L.A. Times when he was running for governor, to the point where there was a political cartoon of a dog with Arnold’s face lifting up his leg and peeing on said newspaper. (Before this, there was also a similar piece in Premiere that ripped him a new one with a rocket launcher.)

There of course has been speculation in the press about how this could hurt his potential acting comeback, and I think the majority of people out there think that like Tiger Woods, he’ll mostly be just fine, and didn’t self-immolate on the level of Mel Gibson.


Several weeks before all this hit the press, I found one of those great, why didn’t I think of that ideas on YouTube, where someone cut together all of Arnold’s greatest hits, close to two hundred clips actually.

There’s of course at least four or five “I’ll be backs,” his famous line from Conan where he was really quoting Genghis Khan, “Get your ass to mars” from Total Recall, several variations of him screaming “Get down!,” and more classic one-liners than you can throw a stick at. Not to mention the way it’s all put together makes it great fun to watch.


Funny enough, before everything started collapsing around him, Arnold announced he wanted to try a more serious acting role with a project called Cry Macho, but I can’t imagine why he’d want to do this.

A big key to Arnold’s success was the fact that he wasn’t the greatest actor in the world, but he was great at playing himself, not to mention his trademark Teutonic delivery that could make “pass the marmalade” funny. In The Last Action Hero, he even made fun of his limited range by performing Hamlet.

Obviously, only in the movies can one be truly invulnerable.