Adam West Dark Knight cameo debunked

I know, I  know, we’re all itchin’ like crazy for anything on The Dark Knight Rises, and it’s funny to see what kind of rumors grow in the void when little or no official information is released. 

There were rumors going around about a possible teaser trailer that gained a lot of traction on the Internet, where such loud whispers spread and die even quicker than ever.

Then all of the sudden, yet another rumor surfaced about Adam West having a cameo in the next Batman flick, which now has apparently been debunked.

 So, how did this rumor get started?

Well, there is a Facebook page asking fans to vote for his cameo, and according to, West was nearby in Nottingham. This somehow meant he was going to shoot a cameo in the film and check out rehearsals for the Batman Live play.

Then again, you never know what the truth is with such a peerless source of accurate information like the ‘Net – so maybe he is going to have a cameo and they’re trying to deflect the news from getting out. Your guess is as good as mine.

I remember when I was a kid and hearing about a Batman film in development, I was kind of PO’d that it wasn’t going to acknowledge the TV show – even with a kitsch master like Tim Burton at the helm. 

Still, it was the right thing to do to close the door on it and say, “this isn’t your big brother’s Batman,” just like it was the right thing to do to close the door and triple lock it on the Joel Schumacher Batman films, and reboot them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Batman TV series, loved it to death when I was a kid and wouldn’t have left the house in a million years when the reruns were on. Yet, I think a cameo with anyone still left from the show would be a little too wink-wink, nudge-nudge, even if today’s generation may not be familiar with the show. (It’s not out on DVD or Blu-Ray yet, reportedly over a rights stalemate between Fox and Warner Brothers.)

Then again, Christopher Nolan put Anthony Michael Hall and Eric Roberts in The Dark Knight, and the movie was still pretty damn great, so could a little Adam West really hurt?