Activision thinks PS3 will outsell Xbox 360 this year

In a report detailing its forecast for the rest of the year, Activision said it expects that for the first time, PS3 sales will eclipse that of its rival, the Xbox 360, in the US.

According to online trade publication, Activision is forecasting domestic sales of the PS3 to reach 9 million this year with the Xbox 360 only hitting 8 million.

PS3 sales have been steadily growing over the last several months and it is the only console showing such strong year-over-year performance at this point nearly 4 years into the current console generation. That has historically marked the point of diminishing returns for consoles.

As predicted, though, it is the beginning of the PS3’s growth while the other systems begin to show signs of maturity.

Of course, a slight year-to-year decline in Wii sales doesn’t do much to dent its place as the top-selling console. Activision still predicts Nintendo’s system will outsell the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined, at 18 million units.