A real Sheenius move

I thought I was doing a pretty good job of avoiding the whole Charlie Sheen mess, I really was, but this was too ridiculous to pass up. 

Unlike a lot of people in the media, I didn’t think the fate of western civilization rested on whether Two and a Half Men would continue to air or not, and figured the whole Sheen losing what’s left of his mind in public thing was already yesterday’s news.

But apparently somebody didn’t get the memo that “Duh, Winning,” is already played out.

Yes, Freddy Caldwell from the Bronx threatened to blow up a local station, WPIX 11, for repeating Two and a Half Men too much, and apparently the cops found the guy from tracing his calls.


Although this guy was certainly, ah, over-reacting a little, I’m actually surprised it wasn’t Sheen calling himself.

Was he in the Bronx recently?

Certainly this Caldwell guy can’t be the only one fed up with Charlie’s antics, and you can understand his frustration, but weirdness certainly attracts weirdness, like the guy who broke into Sheen’s house who empathized with Sheen being “persecuted,” and also wanted to talk with him about doing a different television show. (Not to mention the guy’s dad asked Charlie to pay his bail.)


A recent Vanity Fair piece (which Sheen refused to cooperate with because they wouldn’t give him a million dollars for an interview) also showed how sleazy and decadent the world of Charlie is, featuring interviews with his former girlfriend and ’80’s porn queen Ginger Lynn, former Hollywood madam Michelle Braun, porn starlets Capri Anderson and Kacey Jordan, and a porn agent who calls himself K-Bizzle, as well as “the Porn Whisperer.”


And again, getting back to this guy in the Bronx threatening to blow up the local TV station, the jokes have been writing themselves all over the net, but Gawker was probably funniest here:

“We don’t, as a rule, support terrorism, but sometimes we are sympathetic to its aims…Caldwell had the courage to make his bomb threats from his home phone; that same courage proved to be his undoing, as police ‘easily traced’ the calls, possibly using sophisticated police technology like ‘caller I.D.’ 

“Again, we strongly condemn Caldwell’s methods. But is it really any surprise that a people oppressed for so long would eventually lash out in what would seem to be the only available avenue?”