Apple and Comcast to Join Forces in Streaming Venture

While you can still buy actual physical cartridges of movies on DVD and BluRay, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the elimination of actual physical copies of content within the decade, as movies and games move more towards streaming.  And reports now tell us that Apple and Comcast are currently working on a joint streaming venture as a way of revitalizing Apple TV. 

As Variety and the Wall Street Journal tells us, if the companies end up working together, it could be what writer Andrew Wallenstein calls a breakthrough for Apple, because they haven’t been able to break into the TV business before. 

And as the Hollywood Reporter tells us, this new service will use “Apple’s own set-top box to provide content to Apple TV owners,” and “Apple is aiming to allow users to stream live and on-demand content and digital video recordings in the cloud. This would replace the traditional cable set-top box.” 

If all goes according to plan, Apple should also launch a new version of Apple TV, and they’ve been meeting with Time Warner about providing video content for the Apple TV service, which they’re hoping will be available by Christmas. So if this deal comes to pass, we’re definitely curious to see how it could potentially change the playing field for downloading content.