New TV Show Explores the Realities of the Back to the Future Hoverboard

Recently Funny or Die did a joke campaign about the Back to the Future hoverboard, and some actually believed this could be a reality. While it was a nicely executed joke, there is a new special that explores the possibilities of a real hoverboard, as well as the technology of Star Wars. 

The show is called Technium, and it’s hosted by Lana McKissack. While the episode doesn’t show us the exact technology of the Hoverboard we saw in Back to the Future II, it does show a jet ski called the flyboard that can propel you in the air, and you can do similar moves to what Michael J Fox did in the film. You still have to be attached to a firehose that blasts you in the air, but you do go up in the air, and can do plenty of aerial tricks. 

While host Lana McKissack tells us we’re still years away from what we saw in Back to the Future, we’re still willing to bet some mad genius is trying desperately to make this technology happen somehow. At least we can try to replicate it on water. 

Another episode will examine Luke Skywalker’s mechanical hand and how close to reality it could be one day. The real life version is called a biotac, and as the show tells us it’s “modeled after the sensory capabilities and the mechanical structure of the human fingertip.” 

So perhaps we’ll one day have real hoverboards, there’s certainly plenty of Back to the Future fans salivating for that one, and we’re dying to see what kind of Star Wars and Tron technology could come true as well. (Forget hoverboards, when are we finally going to get light cycles?)