8th grader ousts Angry Birds in App Store

As much as we love Angry Birds, it is kind of encouraging to read about a cool game that is the new favorite. 

And today, Bubble Ball claimed the number one slot in Apple’s App Store top free apps list.

Its creator? 

None other than 14-year-old eighth grader, Robert Nay of Spanish Fork, Utah.

Using the free version of Angry Birds Seasons as his compass, Robert and his mother Kari modded the game to create Bubble Ball.

Bubble Ball uses skills learned from Physics class to create levers and boards to bring a bouncing ball to the finish line. 

A somewhat basic game, the game looks like old school Pong meets Angry Birds.

The eighth grader used Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile to create the application for iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

Nay self taught himself Lua to avoid Objective-C, the language commonly used for creating iPhone apps.

With little over a month and a half of effort, Nay and his mom uploaded the game to the App Store on December 29, 2010 and to the Android Marketplace a week and a half later. 

As of late, the game has been highlighted as Ansca Mobiles “app of the week,” while commanding the top spot in the App Store’s Free Apps list.

OK, So maybe it’s not number one in the top paid list yet, but considering Nay is only in eighth grade, it is fair to say that he has plenty of time for that. 

(Via Venture Beat)