South Park Takes on Gaming With The Stick of Truth

No matter how offensive it can be, South Park has often been a brilliant show, and Matt Parker and Trey Stone have proven to be brilliant provocateurs in the same vein of Seth MacFarlane. Can they bring that same great irreverence to gaming?

Apparently the answer is yes. There’s indeed a South Park game, The Stick of Truth, and as the Daily News review tells us, the game is “complete with the cutting humor of the wildly popular Comedy Central animated series,” and the game holds up on repeated playing. 

Lou Kesten of the Associated Press also tells us that the game is even more outrageous as the show, and we would expect nothing less. “Even fans of the movie Bigger, Longer & Uncut might be taken aback by the level of raunch on display here.” Yet as South Park fans know, there’s usually more than shock value to their humor, and like the best comedy, the South Park boys are often hilariously right on target about a lot of things. 

Not to mention it’s nice to see that down and dirty humor and video games can go together, and it makes me wonder if Howard Stern would ever do a video game. Would hate to see the Fartman character go to waste…