A Google Glass Affair

A lot of times romance can happen in the workplace because a lot of us have little time for anything other than work. So it wasn’t surprising to learn that the co-founder of Google, and an executive at Google Glass, ran off together. 

In fact, Vanity Fair just did a story on this, calling Sergey Brin, who co-founded Google, and his wife Anne Wojcicki, a genetic tester “the most important couple” in Silicon Valley, on their way to becoming “Generation X’s answer to Bill and Melinda Gates.” But Vanity Fair probably wouldn’t be writing about these people if there wasn’t some kind of drama involved, and sure enough, Brin ended up having an affair Amanda Rosenberg, the marketing manager of Google Glass who’s also much younger than Brin by a good fifteen years or so. 

We all know that Google Glass has been hyped up as one of the hot new things in technology, and writer Vanessa Grigoriadis has considered designer Rosenberg “a human face – an attractive, young, female face” that gave humanity to the technology, much like Scarlett Johansson in Her. 

As we’ve seen with the stories of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, intense drama can happen even in the egghead confines of Silicon Valley. In fact, it’s not that surprising that people would have affairs in this environment because it’s intense and competitive, with an enormous amount of money at stake, not to mention the hours are grueling, iso t’s hard to meet people outside of the office. You gotta let the pressure off somehow, and we’re sure things like this happen all the time, this time it just happened to be with people on a much higher profile in Silicon Valley that made the news.