From Veronica Mars to iZombie

So Veronica Mars has finally been resurrected thanks to the kind contributors at Kickstarter, and it’s gotten good reviews and should open to good business this weekend. What’s next for Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas? Zombies of course.

Frankly we’re amazed that the zombie genre is still around and is still doing well, and Thomas’s new show will be called iZombie. It’s being created for the CW Network, and Rose McIver, who played Tinkerbell on Once Upon a Time, will be the lead undead character, who gets a job at the coroner’s office so she can have plenty of brains to eat. 

One of the twists of this show is whenever she eats a brain, she gains the memories of the corpse, and she uses this knowledge to solve crimes. The show iZombie is based on the Vertigo DC comic of the same name, and as Deadline points out, Warner Brothers TV has been developing a lot of genre TV including The Flash, Hourman, Gotham and Constantine.  

So while you may be sick and tired of zombies, this actually sounds pretty promising, and we think it could make a pretty good follow up to Veronica Mars as well.