Will Titanfall Live Up to the Hype?

Titanfall is being hyped as the next big thing in gaming, and many are considering it the great white hope to make Xbox One a success. While it remains to be seen if the sales will live up to the hype, the reviews so far have been pretty good, if not uniformly stellar.

As Plugged In wrote, “Microsoft is searching for a system-seller…Well, they’ve found it. Like any self-respecting giant robot, Titanfall saves the day, reinvigorating the stale first-person shooter genre with a potent combination of finely-tuned gameplay and riotous wish-fulfillment.” 

Extremetech reports that Titanfall has been getting largely 9 out of 10 scores in the rreviews, but some were disappointed with the game. Forbes reported that to many, the game is technically great, but doesn’t have the depth that players today want from games. “As a multiplayer-only experience, many feel the game suffers from a lack of mythology, something shooters have long used to secure their place in gaming history, and help build a lasting, devoted fanbase.”

No matter how much something is hyped, the public is the ultimate deciding factor with anything, and we’ll soon see if Titanfall will be a flash in the pan, or whether it can make its mark in gaming history.