Critics Say Pompeii’s the Pits

We shouldn’t be surprised that the critics aren’t nuts about Pompeii. Director Paul W.S. Anderson has never been a critics darling, and many are amazed his Resident Evil movies still keep getting made.

So we figured the fact that Anderson’s name isn’t the mark of quality would practically guarantee bad notice for his latest, Pompeii, and this sure didn’t disappoint. The Wrap called it “Titanic with lava,” which isn’t such a bad thing really, but then the site’s chief film critic wrote, “Even those who hated James Cameron’s hit romance will find themselves thinking more kindly of it after they watch [Pompeii].”

Indie Wire recommending bringing your iPod to drown out the movie’s terrible music, and the Hollywood Reporter gleefully wrote, “With a central love story that feels contrived from the very first note, the major pleasure here is seeing it all blown to smithereens as quickly as possible, resulting in a movie that will have far less staying power than Pompeii’s infamous ash-covered victims.”

So the real question is will Pompeii be critic proof as well? Again, Anderson’s made some absolutely dreadful movies, including the pointless remake of Death Race 2000, but maybe less discerning audiences will enjoy watching a volcano destroy the Roman empire as a pleasant weekend diversion. At least one review said the FX are good, and maybe people are willing to sift through a lot of dross to watch a well done volcanic explosion.