3D Printed Shoes Are Coming Soon

If you work a job where you’re always on your feet, it can be murder on your knees as well as your tootsies if you don’t have comfortable shoes. Other than investing in a good pair of Doctor Scholls, can 3-D printing create a more comfortable shoe?

CNBC just ran a report on a company called Feetz in San Diego California, and with this company, you can custom make your own shoes via 3-D printing. According to this report, your feet would be shot from three different angles, then it would be entered into special software that will then print up your shoes. 

This idea was presented at the Inside 3-D Printing Conference, which took place in New York, and as the founder of Feetz said, “It’s going to be so comfortable, you’re not going to want to take it off.” 

Apparently Nike’s also making 3-D shoes for their Flyknit brand, and Adidas is using the technology as well. As the CEO of Feetz continued, “There’s a lot of progress in the industry, but it’s still early on.” If all goes according to plan, you may be able to order your first pair of custom made Feetz shoes by the end of the year.