Now Knight Rider’s Getting the Reboot Treatment

The news that there’s a Knight Rider remake in the works shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. Practically everything’s being remade at this point, and we’re sure Baywatch was going to get the big screen treatment at some point as well. After all, if Gilligan’s Island the Movie is in development at Warner Brothers, any tired old TV show is up for grabs. 

So the question is will this be a serious reboot of Knight Rider, or will it be a goof on the series? With some things, like Baywatch, you would have to do it humorously, and point out the camp of the show, but Knight Rider could actually have a serious approach if you do it right.

Giant Freakin Robot was wondering the same thing when reporting on this remake, which may star Chris Pratt and Danny McBride, and will be made by the Weinstein Company.  The site is speculating it will probably be a comedy, and “hopefully this will be more 21 Jump Street and less Starsky & Hutch.” 

We’ll see if this one ever makes the finish line, as we all know a lot of movies get announced, and many of them don’t get out of development hell. Another pressing issue, of course, is who will be the voice of the car? This is an area where a lot of comedic possibilities could happen if they decide to play this thing for laughs. William Daniels, the original voice of the KITT car, is still with us, and maybe he’ll be brought back, or they’ll get another actor with a similarly stuffy, droll demeanor.