Queen to Tour With Adam Lambert This Summer?

It was such a damn shame when Freddie Mercury died, because Queen were finally coming back, and could have enjoyed a whole new life as a band. You can never replace such a singular talent as Freddie, although Queen has recorded and toured with Paul Rodgers from Bad Company.

Rodgers was good when he was in the band, but again, we all know there was only one Freddie. A new guy can step in, but Mercury can never be replaced. Now reports are coming in the band may be touring this summer with American Idol star Adam Lambert. 

As Queen guitarist Brian May told Blabbermouth, “We’ve been talking to Adam. You know, we’ve already done some gigs with Adam, who is amazing…when Freddie went, we didn’t want to talk about it, and didn’t want to be Queen for a while. But after a while, you realize that people wanna hear the songs and see us do things…I think we’ll be doing some stuff this summer in fact, probably in the States.” 

If this tour comes together, we think Queen’s fans will take it in the right spirit, and it should be interesting to see how Lambert will interpret the Queen catalog. Again, we know that Freddie’s not being replaced, his catalog of great music will always stand, and it will be good to see the band out there and playing again. As May told unrealitytv.co.uk, “I know if Freddie saw Adam Lambert, he would just be smiling all over his face.”