Can Zombies and Soccer Co-Exist?

There have been some funny goofs on the undead over the years, starting with Shaun of the Dead, and going up to literary parodies like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. But can a movie that combines zombies and soccer be a winner?

Zombies are versatile monsters that you can put in a lot of different situations, but it’s hard to imagine them playing sports. Nevertheless, I stumbled upon a story in Variety about a movie called Goal of the Dead, about an Olympic soccer team from France playing a World Cup game, but soon the players and the fans get infected with a zombie virus.

This movie will be released in theaters and VOD the same day, and it’s coming out in June in time for the World Cup. 

While we can’t figure out whether this movie is going to be serious or tongue in cheek, or perhaps a bit of both, it’s certainly an amusing idea, and we’re curious to see if the director can pull it off. We’re also curious to see how it will do in the States, where soccer didn’t really catch on, but this one may do well overseas where the sport is much more popular.