Walking Dead Is Still a Ratings Monster

The Walking Dead is back, and hate to sound like a broken record, but you knew it was going to bring monster ratings. In fact, this time zombies have actually beaten out the Olympics, just like they beat out Sunday Night Football back in October. 

Oh that’s right, they beat The Beatles too. As Vulture tells us, the season premiere of Dead brought in 15.8 million viewers, having a slight drop of a few hundred thousand from last year’s rating’s record. Dead got an 8.2 rating, beating out Sochi at the Olympics, which got a 7.4 rating, and blowing the Grammy Salute to the Beatles out the door. (That special got a 2.2 rating.)

As Vulture reports, the Olympics still won overall with the widest reach of viewers, but Dead is still hanging in there, and there’s no signs its slowing down or jumping the shark. 

So again, we’re amazed that zombies are still around and doing so well. We’re not sure how long the Walking Dead can keep going, I doubt it will give Meet the Press or The Simpsons a run for the money in the longevity department, but we think it should continue to do fine for at least a few more years.