Lego On Its Way to Building a Major Movie Franchise

Think Legos are only for kids? Think again. Not only have full grown adults been constructing cars and sculptures out of Legos, but Lego has also begun building a good stronghold at the box-office with the Lego Movie, which came in at #1 at the box office.

The Lego Movie also got good reviews from critics, proving that this isn’t just kid’s stuff, and it could also give Pixar a run for the money in the CG animation department. The L.A. Times called it “a massive collision of subversive humor, hyper-kinetic energy, mind-jangling design, spinning colors and about 15 million Legos, no exaggeration.” 

The Boston Globe called The Lego Movie “the first great cinematic experience of 2014,” and according to USA Today it works on several levels for young and old. “The experience is giddy fun for the kids, and the irreverent dialogue and gently pointed satire is amusing for the adults who accompany them.”

Along with overall good reviews, the Lego movie also made a nice chunk of change at the box office with $69 million opening weekend. We’ll see how it grows from here, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see more Lego movies from here on out. As one Warner executive told Variety, with the Lego movie, “we were able to achieve what I think will be a big re-entry into animation for us.”