Has The Dark Tower Movie Stalled Again?

While a Dark Tower movie may be a real longshot, we’re still hoping for the best on this one. Maybe Ron Howard’s not the right guy for a genre classic, but he’s always been a pro who gets the job done, and he’s passionate about doing this project, which is what you want from a filmmaker. 

One big strike against the Dark Tower is the screenwriter, Akiva Goldsman, who Howard apparently likes working with. Yes, the guy wrote A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man, but he’s also written Batman and Robin, Deep Blue Sea, and many other unwatchable pieces of major studio sh*t. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Goldman has told Collider that The Dark Tower is “not officially back on,” but “we will never let it go – until Stephen King takes it away from us.” 

Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad has recently claimed that he’s talked to Ron Howard about playing Eddie Dean in the movie, but Goldsman said there’s no official casting going on right now either. 

Howard’s going to be busy with other movies for a while. He’s finishing up his next film, Heart of the Sea, and will next follow up with a movie called Inferno, so if the Dark Tower happens, it’s going to be a ways away from now. Howard has promised that he will take a vow of silence until things are really happening, but he knows that internet rumors, like hope, always spring eternal.