Chris Carter’s Back With The After

With the X-Files, Chris Carter became a household name, and a name synonymous with great genre storytelling. Now he’s back with a new show, The After. The verdict so far? 

Giant Freakin Robot has called it “a tense but stereotypical apocalyptic mystery.” Wait a second, yet another apocalyptic / dystopian tale? Apparently so. It’s about a group of random people who are thrown together as the world is apparently coming to an end, or at least is falling into a major crisis. (There’s no explanation for what’s going on, at least not right away.) 

This is an Amazon Original pilot, and if it does well, it will become a full series. Robot has mixed feelings about it, calling it “the most intriguing” of the new Amazon pilots, “as well as the most infuriatingly trite and stereotypical. Still, this is nowhere near as bland as last year’s Zombieland pilot…it is not a perfect show in the last…but this is the return of a master storyteller, and he’s telling a story that is definitely wroth your attention.”

And let’s face it, a lot of shows can improve greatly after a shaky start. Other reviews? The Huffington Post writes, “Of all the Amazon pilots I’ve seen, The After is the only one that hooked me from the first few minutes.” While the show isn’t perfect, “if you’re looking for a combination genre piece / thriller that executes the basics reliably well, Carter’s new show may be right up your alley.” Sound good to you?