Preacher is Headed to AMC With an Unlikely Creative Team

A movie version of the Vertigo comic Preacher has been in the works for a long time, and now the news has hit that it may finally become a reality, with an unlikely filmmaking team behind it. 

Actually, this won’t be for the big screen, it’s going to be for the small screen, AMC to be exact, the home of Walking Dead. This is fine, there’s much more interesting storytelling happening on cable and regular TV these days anyways. What’s odd about this incarnation of Preacher is the team bringing him to life is Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Rogen and Goldberg are writing Preacher, and they’ll be executive producers as well. As Vulture joked, “In Rogan and Goldberg’s adaptation, he’ll sometimes use his power to create super-potent weed that makes him crazy high,” a reference to their stoner classic Pineapple Express. 

But lest anyone think this could be a comedic adaptation of the franchise, Sam Catlin, a writer on Breaking Bad, will also be part of the Preacher brigade, and he’ll be the showrunner. As Collider tells us, Kevin Smith and producer Neal Moritz (I Am Legend) were previously working on movie versions of Preacher, but now it looks like it’s finally going to arrive. If it turns out right, this could be a hell of a series, and a good companion piece for Walking Dead as well.