Fantastic Four Casting Soon to Be Finalized

As we reported previously on TGD, The Fantastic Four reboot is coming together quickly at Fox for a June 19, 2105 release, and casting is quickly coming together. We knew the film would be coming together pretty fast, and apparently it’s going to start shooting this March.

As Collider tells us, Michael B. Jordan is playing Johnny Storm / The Human Torch. The site also told us that Miles Teller (Whiplash) is up to play Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic and Kate Mara from House of Cards and Saoirse Ronan were apparently both up to play Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman, but now reports tell us that Emmy Rossum from Shameless had an audition this Tuesday as well. 

Another rumor went that Josh Gad (Book of Mormon) was going to play the Thing, but apparently this wasn’t true, and Christian Cooke, who was just in a new version of Romeo and Juliet, may be up to play the role. 

Another tid-bit about the film is the villain will be Doctor Doom. No word on who could be playing Doom, but it’s sure to be a coveted role. 

The Fantastic Four has proven to be one of the hardest superhero sagas to adapt. Even with a top-notch cast, the whole Fantastic Four franchise is going to be a hard movie for audiences take seriously. Much like X-Men avoided the yellow spandex, the Fantastic Four will probably have to strip down a bit so it won’t go into the area of camp or silliness, and we hope this time it will finally hit the bulls-eye.