Zachary Quinto to Star in Agent 47

It’s not easy to step into the shoes of an original Star Trek member, but Zachary Quinto has done a great job as the new model Spock, and now he’s up to star in a big screen video game adaptation, Agent 47.

Agent 47 is a sequel to Hitman, the movie based on the popular video game. Rupert Friend, who played the assassin in the first film, is returning, and Agent 47 is his antagonist. Paul Walker was going to play Agent 47 in the film before his untimely death, and now Quinto’s stepping in. 

Hitman wasn’t a hit at the box office or with the critics, so you wonder why there would be a sequel to it. But at the same time, Hollywood is very reboot and remake happy, so why not not try and redo this potential game movie franchise, especially if the genre may turn around soon with the Assassins Creed and World of Warcraft films in the works. 

As Deadline tells us, Agent 47 is slated to start shooting in March, after Quinto finishes performing in The Glass Menagerie in New York. Quinto loves performing onstage, but like we’ve said before, we believe there’s often a geek in the heart of many serious actors. While Quinto is stretching out and doing serious work, which is all good, we’re glad to see he’s still giving the geeks what we want, and here’s hoping he can go in for the kill on Agent 47.