Godzilla Top Viewed Trailer on YouTube

We at TGD have high hopes for the next Godzilla movie because the 1998 American version really blew it, and we’re hoping an American version of the big green guy can finally get it right for once. While there’s no word yet on how good or bad the movie could be, there’s a promising sign that audiences are really looking forward to the famous firebreather’s return on May 16. 


It’s easy to think that modern audiences would forget about Godzilla, because for a lot of younger people anything older than five years ago is ancient history. But there’s still a lot of goodwill for Godzilla, and he’s still a very recognized creature around the globe.



In fact, reports tell us that the Godzilla coming attraction is the most watched trailer on YouTube, with 4.8 million people checking it out, and we’re sure the numbers will continue to grow. The fact that so many people are watching the coming attraction this far in advance means that interest in Godzilla is still very strong, and millions of fans want the new incarnation to succeed as well. 

So even though there’s enough remakes and reboots out there to make anybody want to puke, we’re definitely hoping Godzilla can be reinvented for modern audiences, and are hoping for the best. The trailer definitely wasn’t bad, and we’re certainly keeping our fingers crossed on this one.