From X-Men To Peter Pan

We just reported here on TGD about Ant-Man moving into the July 17, 2015 release that’s been vacated by Batman Vs Superman. As you probably know by now, the release date of B V S has been pushed back nearly a year, and the only other competition that day is a reboot of Peter Pan.

Now Peter Pan has been remade several times in modern day. There was a 2003 reboot that didn’t do well, and there was also Finding Neverland, the story of J.M. Barrie, the man who created Peter Pan, which got good reviews and did alright business. While you might wonder why Peter Pan should be remade yet again, there is some interesting genre flavor coming with it, because Hugh Jackman has been announced to play Blackbeard the pirate in the latest incarnation. 

As a source at Warner Brothers told the Hollywood Reporter, “Hugh Jackman always delivers indelible performances that resonate with audiences. We know he will create a Blackbeard who will be a powerful presence in this original Peter Pan adventure.” 

In addition to hitting the high seas, Jackman will also star in Neill Blomkamp’s next sci-fi thriller, Chappie, and of course, he’ll be back as our beloved Wolverine in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which hits theaters this May 23rd.