Can Public Demand Get Justin Bieber Deported?

Usually we don’t cover nonsense like Justin Bieber on TGD, and we think the current media frenzy surrounding this kid is pretty ridiculous. You’d think there’s nothing important going on in the world that we see this punk all over the news for drag racing, drunk driving, and egging his neighbor’s house. A young pop star makes too much money, his ego goes totally out of control, and he repeatedly makes a fool out of himself in public. Gee, never heard that story before. 


The funny part of this story is a petition was created and submitted to the U.S. government to get the kid deported back to Canada, and it’s gotten so many signatures that the White House may have to respond to it. In fact, as the Hollywood Reporter tells us, this petition got over 100,000 signatures in less than a week. 

You may remember there was a petition that was drafted as a joke about building a Death Star, and it got so many signatures that the White House had to respond to that one as well. We’re not sure if the same people who crafted that prank are behind this petition as well, but if it turned out to be the case, we wouldn’t be surprised. 

We doubt this petition is going to go anywhere, just like the Death Star was never constructed despite the 30,000 people who signed up for it. While I couldn’t care less about Justin Bieber, his haters are going to have to put up with him for a little while longer, at least until the next insufferable pop star comes along and annoys the sh*t out of everybody.