Movie Trailers to Finally Get Time Limits?

If this indeed comes to pass it will be a big boon to mankind…apparently trailers are going to have time limits on them in the future.

As much as I love old movie trailers, these days there’s just way too many of them to slog through before you watch a movie, and if they could zip by a lot faster, it would definitely help. As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, these are voluntary guidelines that were released by the National Association of Theater Owners where they would like trailers to be no longer than two minutes.

Another interesting twist is they want trailers to be shown only five months before a movie’s release, with “two exemptions a year on both trailer length and marking lead time” for distributors. 

Of course, there are plenty of studios and directors that will protest this. (A lot of movies start promoting a year before the release date to build anticipation.) In addition, The Reporter ran a poll where readers feel the trailers give away way too much, which is also true, and it would be nice to see some regulations on this as well.