X-Men Days of Future Past: The Sentinels Have Arrived

X-Men Days of Future Past is coming on May 23, and it’s very promising for several reasons. First off, Bryan Singer has returned to helm the franchise. Number two, Peter Dinklage, one of the finest actors around, is in it as Bolivar Trask. Third, this movie has The Sentinels, and full blown pictures of them have just been revealed.

The Sentinels were the giant robots that hunted down mutants, and the fans have been waiting for a long time to see them in an X-Men film. This installment of X-Men is also very promising in that it’s a time travel story based on one of the best known stories in the Marvel comic saga. 

Empire magazine is doing a special issue with twenty-five different covers to celebrate the next X-Men, and the covers include the Sentinels, Quicksilver, and Toad, who is returning to the cast, but he won’t be played by Ray Park. (Evan Jonigkeit is taking over in that role.) 

These covers remind me of when the first photos of the X-Men leaked on the net, unofficially of course, and now the studios are a lot smarter, getting photos of the characters out quickly so they don’t get beaten to the punch by the geeks. Again, we have high hopes for this X-Men installment, and hope it can be another big milestone in comic films, much like the first one went a long way in turning superhero movies around back in 2000.