Blast Off With Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder

To be honest with you, I’d never heard of Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder until I was assigned to look into it. The fact that a children’s book series could deal with flatulence is definitely cool with me, so this was an interesting discovery to say the least.

Not only is it a book series for kids, created by Jo Nesbo, but there’s also a movie adaptation. Twitchfilm tells us that Kristoffer Joner will play the good doctor, who has a bit of a Doc Brown vibe, and there’s a trailer for it, but it’s a fake commercial for the product. (We see this kind of thing for movies a lot these days, often on the net where fake websites are set up to promote something from a movie that doesn’t really exist.) 

This is a foreign film that’s being helmed by Arild Frohlich, a director from Norway. The story is about the doctor of the title who’s learned to control the power of farts, and in the tradition of many sci-fi films, there’s other people who want to harness this discovery for their own needs. 

This is a German / Norwegian co-production, and we’re not sure when it could potentially hit American shores. We’d also be curious about whether there could be merchandising deals for this franchise, like candy and toys, and what kind of outrage this could cause with parents. Stay tuned for more, because we’re very curious to see how this will do when it finally lingers over to our shores.