Madden 25 predicts the winner of Super Bowl XLVIII

Do not waste your time watching the Super Bowl this weekend, Madden 25 has it all figured out. You can spend the time doing your chores or  catching the line-up on Lifetime TV, which has counter programming throughout the day, ladies.

Do not scoff at the power of technology. EA’s Madden football has simulated Super Bowls eerily getting close to reality with its predictions, having correctly picked the winner of 8 out of 10 of the last games.

Now, Madden 25 picks the Broncos to win in an overtime nail-biter, edging the Seahawks 31-28 in Super Bowl 48, otherwise known as Super Bowl XLVIII. 

So relax, don’t fret about watching the interminably long game, and put all your focus on libations, snacks and those whacky billion dollar ads. The game is a foregone conclusion.