Will Star Wars and Pixar Collide?

With the next Star Wars movie reportedly getting ready to shoot this May, there’s going to be a big avalanche of news on the legendary space saga. Very little is official right now, which is to be expected, and JJ Abrams will keep everything as hidden as he can, but a very interesting rumor, one of many, just hit the net about a potential collaboration with Pixar. 

When Lucas sold his company to Disney, you knew the deal would not just be for three more movies, but for plenty of other franchising opportunities, as well as spin-off films. There are reportedly Yoda, Boba Fett and Han Solo movies in the works, and a Pixar team up could be too irresistible to ignore.

If the rumors at Giant Freakin Robot are correct, this could be one of the stand alone movies that would exist within the Star Wars universe. As this report points out, there was a previous animated Star Wars movie, Clone Wars, which didn’t do gangbuster business, but it lead to the Clone Wars series, which was definitely a blessing.

If there is any synergy between Star Wars and Pixar, there’s also the irony that Pixar has lately come under similar criticism to Lucas in that their movies have suffered in favor of selling more toys. It’s definitely been some time since Pixar’s knocked one out of the park, and we’re not sure if a Star Wars film would cure what ails them, but it would certainly be interesting to see these two superpowers come together.