The Fantastic Four Reboot About to Commence Casting

Superhero teams are the hot thing right now, which is why Fox is rebooting The Fantastic Four. This is a team up the movies still haven’t gotten right. But with Josh Trank, the director of Chronicle, at the helm, there’s hope this incarnation could finally have a chance. 

The Fantastic Four script got a rewrite from Simon Kinberg (X-Men), and now that the screenplay is ready to go, casting is reportedly coming together. Variety tells us Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now), Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones), and Kate Mara (127 Hours, Iron Man 2) are all reportedly up for roles. 

Variety also tells us that by the end of the month, Fox will begin testing actors to play Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic, and Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman. Mara and Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones) are up to play Sue Storm, and Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) should be playing Johnny Storm, but his role is still subject to a screen test. 

Fox apparently has high hopes for the new Fantastic Four, moving its release date up to June 19, 2015, a prime blockbuster location. And while no previous Fantastic Four flick has hit the mark yet, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it could finally nail the bulls-eye with an infusion of new creative blood.