Transformers 4 Is Not a Reboot, Got That?

It’s been hard to tell what the next Transformers movie is going to be because there’s been a lot of confusing mis-information out there about it. Is it a reboot? A continuation of the last one? A movie that takes place in the universe with a whole new cast? At least the one thing we do know is that the Dinobots are in this one.

Yet as producer Lorzeno Di Bonaventura told Collider, it’s not going to be a reboot, although we still get the impression they do want to start over with a clean slate. Di Bonaventura told Giant Freakin Robot and Collider, “It’s definitely not a reboot. It’s an interesting question about what you should call it.”

He further explained, “On a certain level it’s a continuation of the previous stories in the fact that it acknowledges what has transpired before it.” So after the battle in Chicago, the movie moves on with a whole new cast headlined by Mark Wahlberg. Going forward with a new cast ‘that it feels almost like a first movie,” Di Bonaventura said. 

Now that we’re almost a month into the new year, Transformers fans don’t have much longer to wait for the next installment, and Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters June 27, 2014 in IMAX and 3D.