Batman Vs Superman Gets Pushed Back a Year

Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking…Enough with the Batman Vs Superman! We couldn’t agree more. We’re sick of it too, and the movie isn’t even out yet. In fact, whoever’s waiting for Batman Vs Superman is now going to have to wait a little longer, two and a half years longer in fact.

Variety tells us that the film has a new release date, May 6, 2016, which is just about a year from its original 2015 release date. Warner Brothers claimed in a statement that this movie was done to “help fully realize the vision.” 

According to one report, B V S is still in pre-production, and Joaquin Phoenix is still being eyed to play Lex Luthor, one of the few smart decisions about this film we’ve read about so far. The Wrap also tells us that Marvel has a movie set up on the same date, May 6, 2016, but no one knows what it is yet. It could be Doctor Strange, because rumors have gone around last week that Johnny Depp was up to play the title role. 

So there won’t be much more Batman Vs Superman news on here for a while, to the relief of many, us included. Maybe Warner Brothers will come to their senses, realize they’re tending an accident waiting to happen, and stop the train before it becomes a major trainwreck. We feel the superhero movie will be peaking pretty soon, and if the genre does flatten out by 2015, Batman Vs Superman may not seem like such a wise idea, not that it ever seemed like a smart maneuver in the first place.