Relax, The Wonder Twins Movie Rumor is a Joke

With so many silly rumors going around about superhero movies, it wouldn’t be hard to make up a rumor about a fictional superhero movie, and it would probably go around pretty quickly before it got debunked. This rumor apparently took a few months to finally be proven it was fake, but thank God it is indeed a hoax.

There was a fake poster for a Wonder Twins movie that was revealed back in November, and it didn’t look too convincing frankly. Rumor had it Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher would play them. Now the Huffington Post tells us that Marc Tyler Nobleman, who has written several books about superheroes, debunked this story.

The poster was created by Pat Evans, host of the BatPodcast, and he did this as a joke because he felt Wonder Twins would be the most “preposterous” superhero movie to get made. (Although let’s face it, I’m still hoping for a Howard the Duck reboot one of these days, which many would consider completely insane.) 

Then again, Hollywood has been hard pressed to come up with an original idea in decades now, and if something like this was indeed being considered, we wouldn’t be surprised. Rumors of a Fantastic Four Vs X-Men movie went around recently, and we wouldn’t be surprised if those were a hoax either. Again, in these situations, you can create a pretty ridiculous story, and it would gain a lot of net traction before anyone debunked it. And they missed a great joke with this, they should have said that Andy Serkis was playing Gleek the monkey.