Can Video Games Get You In Shape?

It’s very easy to get addicted to playing video games, and much time can pass where you’re just sitting there, jerking a joystick, and being immobile. But will that one day change? Can somebody come up more ways to stay active while gaming? 

Yeah, there are the games like Dance Dance Revolution that make you move, but Daily Beast did pose the question, “Can I lose weight playing video games?” Like the Guitar Hero phenomenon, there was a fitness game that did incredibly well, Wii Fit, but there wasn’t been anything like it in a long time. But now there’s Wii Fit U.

As the Beast tells us, there’s also the rival Xbox Fitness, and both of these games have come in with the new consoles, namely Xbox One and Playstation 4. The author of this report, Alec Kubas-Meyer, tried them both, and wrote, “Can video games really make you healthier? Yeah, if you use them right. It wouldn’t necessarily be a total replacement for a gym, and a personal trainer, but it would be close enough or the vast majority of people.” 

Maybe if the next wave of fitness videos takes off it could usher in a new way for people to get fit, like the Jane Fonda Workout videos. And maybe this could be a big trend this year in gaming, especially if people can see an easier way to try and keep their new year resolutions and try and stay in shape.